Nuclear Power Anyone?

So, I’m trying to gather up some opinions about nuclear power for a research paper I’m doing. I would greatly appreciate it if you could all take a moment to participate, because the more feedback I get, the better my research. Thanks!

The proposed budget of federal loan guarantees to underwrite new nuclear reactor construction is currently at $58.5 billion. If the industries default on those loans, the burden falls on the tax/rate payers.*

There is a growing demand for cleaner, safer energy alternatives such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as geothermal and ocean power.

Thanks for your participation!


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S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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