Is It Really Worth It?

The more I learn about the inequity in this world, the harder I find it to be nonviolent towards these self-serving parasitic bastards who see absolutely nothing wrong with exploiting that which does not belong to them, at a price that they do not care to pay, for the benefit of no one but themselves, and even so only temporarily. Why the hell would anyone trust these people, invest their money with them, and fight for their rights? Because they are fucking morons. That’s right, the people in congress who back these guys up do it because they are conned into thinking that it will somehow make things better for them. They think that with all this money, power, and control they will somehow have a leg up on everyone else, but in reality all they’ll have is more problems.

Not only will these guys have to fight that much harder to keep the people suppressed, and unaware of the situations in which they are being exploited, but they have to keep fighting their own conscience until their moral compass is about as helpful as a decapitated homing pigeon. In an effort to prove to themselves that they haven’t made a huge mistake they keep pushing in further, doing whatever the corporate fat cats tell them because they don’t want to take a hit for being such blithering fools in the first place.

What exactly are these injustices that I’m talking about? Well, everything from the privatization of water and information, to the devastation that poor mining communities (and any community where resources are being extracted/processed) deal with, to the abysmal incompetence of our healthcare providers, to the factory farming of our food and the injustices faced by those workers, to the devastation of the world’s natural resources,to the basic facts that some people in this country sit in a cushy chair in a beautiful office making those “hard decisions” while the majority goes out and acts on those “hard decisions” and actually has to perform all of the very real hard work. It absolutely disgusts me to think that the majority of these cogs in the corporate machine would actually do things differently if they hadn’t been so diligently gluing their eyes shut to avoid the very real pain that they are directly responsible for.

It grates on me too, that there are organizations out there who claim to want to help, to stop these immoral wrongs, in the name of all that is good and holy. These guys hold their signs in front of places like planned parenthood, and put down those of us who want to get a checkup but can’t afford one anywhere else. (Remember?…all those health care problems we have because a few CEOs think they deserve $200,000,000 in annual salary and bonuses? You know, the ones that can’t pay for a surgery to save someone’s life, or a simple checkup, but can pay for Dick Cheney to have as many bypasses as his fat black heart desires)?–For the record, that man needs to die. I am not a proponent of violence, and I like to think that I have a little love for everyone, even the bad guys, but this man should have died a long time ago. (Along with many others). Okay Cheney, got it? GO DIE NOW.– Okay, back to the issues. It really irks me that so many organizations that actually do hold some clout here don’t do anything about it. There are a few that really do, but you never hear about it, and you better believe the fat bastards want to keep it that way. Instead, you hear about how awful gay people are, (yeah, THEY’RE the ones ruining the country….riiiight), you hear about interracial marriages, and of course there is lots of news about the upcoming end of the world party. (I am invited, right)?! So when it comes to loving thy neighbor are you going to say, “Sure, I’ll throw down a little so that we can all go to the doctor”, or will you say some bullshit about God favoring those who work hard and work the capitalist system for all its worth? I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from my relationship with God…s/he’s not impressed with us. As humanity we are pretty much failing the test; we can’t learn to take care of each other in a world of abundant resources, with a mind for problem solving and ingenuity, and with hearts fully capable of the compassion needed to run a healthy society. We have time and time again (since the dawn of time, for crying out loud) let ourselves slip into selfish consumption, taking all that we can possibly get our grubby little hands on so that we can be better off than the other guy.

The problem is not laziness, as many capitalists would like to make a point of. The unemployment problem in our country is not because people are too lazy to work, I assure you. The problem lies in the capitalist system itself. There is something to be said about working hard, from the bottom up, to become “successful”, and in a way, yes you can earn that the hard way and feel good about it. But the thing is that only one person can do that at a time, and it’s not from working hard, but from selling out. Those “hard decisions” that those CEOs have to make involve how many people they want to lay off so that they can continue to make record profits.  What’s is the point in that? Who wants to be that one guy who gets to tower above everyone else on his lonely pedestal, watching for the ferocious wolves who would tear him down from his throne in a heartbeat? Who wants to have to constantly guard themselves against the terrible things that they do, living in a world of denial, weak justifications, and outright lies just to maintain this level of superior discomfort? Who wants to have to look people in the eye, knowing full well that the suffering those people face will be all theirs soon enough, but then still have to keep the callous façade of intellectual superiority and inconvenient necessity.

Sign me up! I’d love to tell the mother of a child who died from E. Coli  0157 that factory farmed meat is the safest in the world, and no, she can’t sue the company, not even for compensation for the hospital bills that piled up after an agonizing death over the course of two weeks. (Oh yeah, that whole health care debacle, really sucks huh)? Of course, I’d love to hold a press conference and tell people that their children are getting sick from the byproducts from my factory, but that it’s going to be okay…we’re building a bigger facility to hold all the contamination…twenty yards closer to the school! Oh what’s that, you want to take me to court? Hahaha, silly little hillbillies! You can’t afford to beat my lawyers! Don’t you know? Didn’t someone give you the memo? Justice is for those with money…so if you really want to beat the system, you have to join it. Go sell out and get rich, then see how far you get suing anybody then.

The saddest thing to me might not even be seeing the horrors that a certain few are responsible for, but to think about the darkness so prominent in these people that such atrocities could ever come to fruition. It’s kind of cliché now, but really, how do these people sleep at night? Can they really justify all that they do? Or is it all just some ambien induced dream to them? As much as I want to punch these people in the face, and make them pay for all of the pain they bring to this world, all they do to hold humanity back in its quest for cooperation, and all the imaginary necessities they make up, I really want to talk to them…to break them in a way. I want to know what really makes these people tick. What happened to them to make them such unfeeling people, and what do they need to snap the hell out of it? As much as I want to hear that Dick Cheney finally had his last heart attack, I really want to hear that his heart had opened up. Not from retractors either, but maybe because he finally let all his wrongdoings into his soul and he died unable to cope with the pain he caused. I want to see someone in a position of power and authority do the right thing for once, and break down and cry because they can’t hide from themselves anymore. I want to see someone announce on a coast to coast broadcast that they are giving up the life of power they have been living to go to the communities that they helped to destroy, and they are going to start fixing the problems they caused.

I guess there’s no harm in dreaming. Where’s that ambien again?


About mindofthemasses

S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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