A retail workers rant, cut short. Because you know, a custy came in.

Consumerism. Retail. Customer Satisfaction. Gag. Blarf. Blech.

It is a sad condition society is afflicted with. For too long the consumers of this nation have been conditioned to get as much as they can, for as cheap as they can get it, and whenever they want it. If there is a problem, rational behavior is not encouraged but rather, the worse behavior a consumer displays, the better treatment they will get. The idea that “the customer is always right” is bullshit, and only encourages the idea that the more money you have the more power you have over others.

Here’s an example to help visualize the scenario:

A college graduate is working in a clothing boutique, anxiously waiting to hear if  she got in to the grad school program she needs to launch her career. (If those even exist anymore). A rather overweight woman pants over to her, and asks if they carry a particular item in her size. Without even looking in the back room, she explains,

“I’m sorry, the largest that comes in is a size XL”. She knows this because she’s been working there too damn long, and knows exactly what sized merchandise the boutique carries.

Obviously offended, the woman puffs up, turns red, and in a condescending tone starts berating the clerk:

“You’re not even going to go back there to look? Am I going to have to get a manager or are you going to do what you get paid to do?”

What clerk is actually thinking: “1, I am the manager β¡+€h, and 2, I just did my job and am still underpaid. F* off already.

However, smile plastered on, she moves before the woman can continue, opening the door to the backroom, and then pulls out the bin with that style. She proceeds to rummage through it, clearly showing the customer that they do not have it in stock. The customer would have almost been satisfied…but for the fact that she just happen to go to the beach earlier, and given the sandy conditions, was being a crabby-pants. That and the whole, “I get to be better than you because I’m on this side of the counter” thing.

Crabby pants commences a tirade about how unfair it is that women of her size are expected to wear unfashionable moo-moos, and that boutiques like this should accommodate her.

(Naturally, the world should revolve around you, what with the gravitational pull and all.) 

“It is too bad, and if you can’t find anything here, you might try XYZ down the road.”


About mindofthemasses

S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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