Strange Change

I know it’s not just me; the world is changing in new strange ways, and some of it is awesome, and some of it is extremely disturbing to me. Technology is taking off at this crazy rate, and while in some ways it is leaving humans behind, it is also stressing the importance of spiritual connection. Some things are moving in marvelous directions, while still others are being left by the wayside. Sometimes I wonder if I give technology, society, government, etc. to much blame/credit. Maybe it is just me…

The older I get the more I feel this weird, unfocused, disconnect from life. Though lately I’ve been having lots of flashbacks and memories of things from long ago, and I can strongly remember feeling more….alive back then. Maybe it was just childhood, and adulthood just sucks the life out of you…but there sure are lots of articles and such written about how lost and confused the latest generation is. We are even dubbing new mini- generations because the old is just out, and the new is rolling in.

In writing this for example, I am in bed, at 1:25a.m. and just can’t sleep…so I’m journaling my crazy  thoughts to be broadcast over the interwebs to be seen and scrutinized by all for all eternity. Isn’t that weird? I mean, when I was a kid I thought it was kinda messed up how many great authors/ inventors/ artists etc. died before their works were ever recognized; and nowadays there are billions of videos of people creating amazing works of art, doing incredible things with their bodies, or otherwise blowing peoples minds up all over the net.

And here I am, writing at 1:33a.m., feeling like this blog is weak and incomplete because I’m not putting the proper focus and energy into it. My paragraphs are disorganized…just the rambling thoughts from my wandering mind. Am I the only one that watches videos of amazing people and wonders what the hell happened to me? I swear I used to be so good at so many things. I used to have it in me to be somebody. I had creativity and the energy and drive to actually do something.

Now it’s all anxiety/depression/ adulthood that’s dragging me down. But it’s not just me. A whole generation of people seems to be waking from this slumber, realizing that life doesn’t need to be that way, and yet they don’t know what to do. Not just in my area, but nationwide we have an actual epidemic of opioid addiction. People are numbing the pain of their shitty lives that can’t possibly compare to those few who seem to be doing so great. It’s like, when you’re not on top you’re just being “negative” and need to be cut out of people’s lives (even by those that preach compassion)?

I also believe things are getting much harder for this generation because of the economic inequality that has just gone so ridiculously out of control. At least back a generation or two ago you really could “go get a job” and it might suck a bit, but it would pay the bills, and probably have room for savings too. Nowadays employers are trying everything they can to un-do what unions did to make the workplace an actual place for people to work and make a living as opposed to slavery. Now that we are back to pretty much indentured servitude to our own government overlords, is it any wonder people are constantly stressed, and wanting to escape?

Ugh. So how the hell do those super people in the videos do it? Who had the time, energy and resources to make that happen? I read so many articles about the people that quit the job they hated to travel…or whatever…but how? They never mention that. My guess, connections. I assume in most of these cases, the parents offer a corner of the basement or something at the very least. But I don’t know…there are some strong independent people out there. But everyone needs someone.

Which brings me to the end. Everyone needs someone. I am lucky to have people in my life that love and care about me…but they are very few in number. It sucks, being socially awkward in an increasingly rude world. Because technology does disconnect people in a way, and because people’s attention spans have been shortened to 140 characters or less, it seems people are just always distracted, unfocused, flitting from one thought to the other without ever stopping to reflect. Being a reflective person, I often get interrupted. Even by myself. So I just need to remember to slow it down, and really stop to be grateful for what I have here, now.


About mindofthemasses

S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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