Ignorance is Bliss

I have often noticed a strong inverse correlation between a person’s intellectual prowess, and their ability to thrive in social interactions. We all know the adage about dumb blondes; saying that “blondes have more fun” translates to me as, “You’ll have a better time if you are oblivious to reality”. I have always had a hard time relating to my peers, usually because it is difficult for me to small talk about what outfit looks the cutest when I am concerned with the abuse and exploitation of innocent living beings around the world, current political events, the ram shackled state of our nation, and the pollution in my own backyard.

I find that in order to have as much fun as everybody else, you have to be as dumb as everybody else–drink a lot, and be loud. Awesome! But only just a little. This kind of behavior is fine to me in moderation, but I feel like so many people out there, across many generations, are finding that this is acceptable for every weekend, or even every other day. It makes me wonder how often these people ponder the lives they live, if they want to do more with themselves, or if they’re even aware of the kind of things going on around them. Rather than talking about, reading or listening to the news, people more often tend to flip open their phones to send an irrelevant text. It’s so easy for people, in this culture especially, to get so wrapped up in their own image and hopes for ‘success’ that they forget what it is that truly makes them happy. I always wondered what really goes through the heads of the bleach-blonde, Beverly Hills Barbie wannabes as they get ready every morning,  applying layer after layer of chemical products. Do they want to live this life, or is it that they know no other? How many of these girls are deeper than they would ever let anyone know, because their image would be somehow tainted?

Our culture, and our society does not value information of the same sort that it used to. When knowledge about the world was a novelty, it was highly sought after. Now however, technology has made information both more accessible, and easier to discount. A friend of mine was disbelieving when I told her that radioactive particles had been found in the milk in some cows here in Washington State. Sad, but true. Many people I’ve talked to either had no idea, or just didn’t want to believe that the radioactive particles released in the nuclear disaster in Japan last month have reached the U.S., all the way to the east coast in fact; but they have, and it’s a big fucking deal! I know I’ve been bringing  that up a lot, because this is no joke folks. It is far too easy to think that the danger has cleared, and all will be well, but the sad reality is out there.

The cliché of the American people being sheep is scarily true. I’m afraid people of this generation have forgotten what it means to think for themselves, to draw their own conclusions based on facts and evidence, and to not believe everything they see or hear that sounds somewhat impressive.  In a way I can’t blame these people, and I of course am in no position to judge–we all do it. Who really wants to sit down and face the facts about how truly far gone our society is from something even remotely resembling healthy? It’s not a pretty picture, and I can understand why some people choose to go out and get away from the oppression of their own daily lives. I for one, however, do not want to be seen as a ‘downer’ because everyone else is too busy suppressing and ignoring their pain to realize just how bad it really is.

So where is the happy medium? Can’t you be aware of the issues surrounding you, but just not sweat the small stuff? I suppose one of the keys is to know when to just blend in with the sheep, and when it’s best to ruffle some feathers. A lot can be said for the people who can truly live it up, be in the moment, and not worry about all the problems of the world all the time. The world needs people to help them to lighten up, but one must remember that problems don’t just fade away when your perception of them does.

About mindofthemasses

S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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