Here I Am

Is it worth it?

Will I have anything good to say?

Who cares?

Will anyone even bother to read this?


These are just a few of the things that come to mind when I started thinking about writing a blog.  I could come up with a list of excuses, from my concerns about copyright infringement, to not enough time, to not enough to say. But it’s all bull. There will always be excuses not to do the things one so desperately craves, but is too afraid of failing at. So in light of the nuclear fallout sweeping across the pacific, waiting to be so gently carried into my warm lungs, I give you this: my blog. No longer will I keep my thoughts to myself for fear of what I may have to defend, and no longer will I take for granted the brief time on this planet which is ours-all of ours. While too much time is spent critiquing, comparing, judging, and ridiculing, not enough time is spent appreciating. Rather than go on in this world mouth shut and eyes down, worrying more about pleasing others than satisfying the soul, I’ll let lose and say, well, fuck it. I’m done making sure it’s all perfect and everyone approves. I”m not even going to sweat it if I don’t approve…

So, welcome to my blog, I hope you like it!  (But if you don’t that’s cool too).


About mindofthemasses

S.G. is a creative scientist that often ponders the state of the world in sad confusion. Befuddled by how far from harmony the human race has come, she tries to make sense of it all with intuition, reason, and above all else an open mind.
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